Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grey Knights - Marching Together

Grey Knight Army General ViewLord DraigoLibrarianTechmarineVindicare AssasinLand Raider Crusader
Land Raider CrusaderDreadknightVenerable DreadnoughtGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight Terminator
Grey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight Terminator
Grey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight TerminatorGrey Knight Terminator

Grey Knights, a set on Flickr.

After a long time, I could get a chance to take good photos of my army. Special thanks to Volkan Kucukemre for this awesome photos...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's Rock and Roll !!!

Hello all,

As you can see I have been sharing my Warhammer 40K: Grey Knights army at my blog. Some of my friends asked me how I did their bases. Let's move step by step;

- Buy cork plates (I bought from our local Bauhaus shop, you can find some from similar shops. There are several types, try to buy as much as thicker one.)

- Split one of plates to pieces. Continue this part till you get what you want, don't worry for wasting pieces, you can still use them. During this process stage you can use your bare hands.

- When you think you have enough pieces, you can start designing your base, at this stage don't use any glue, you will want to set another visage (put your model on your base and look for a while every time of new set of visage, spending time is better than being sorry). When you are sure about visage, use your glue (I am using Pattex for both my models and bases), it will take some time untill it get dry.

- Last part is priming, I prime in standart way, first applying black coat then a bit white spray for shading.

- Painting part is quite simple, I use Games Workshop paints for my models and bases, first I apply "Codex Grey" to whole area, after this stage, I use drybrush technique to especially to edges and flat areas with "Fortress Grey". Next step is using "Devlan Mud" wash to whole area (I prefer to apply wash as much as possible, yes that cause you to wait more for drying but result will satisfy you). Last step for painting is again drybrushing however this time I use "Skull White" and this time I use on lesser than first drybrushing area (almost only edges).

Hope this simple guide will help you...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Grey Knights - Dreadknight

Hello all,

This is one of my favorite figure, and I had some conversion ideas about this, however the reality is more different :) One day I will buy another one, and will do that conversion. Whatever; I spent almost 40 hours for all modeling, basing, and painting. The main reason I tried some techniques on another piece instead of applying to model. My saver was again GW's wash paints. They are really amazing. Well, let me show you what I did...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grey Knights - From Reserves

Hey all,

After traveled UK for Gamesday 2011, amount of my figures are a bit increased :) I could get a chance to get some new models for my GK army, and I wanted to finish their painting. As you can see I painted a dreadnought, a librarian and a techmarine (actually techpriest engineer model I used)

I spend almost 25-30 hours for paintin, and basing. I tried some techniques but I wont talk about them, because I couldnt apply them as good as I assume. Anyway, here the photos...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grey Knights

I started Warhammer hobby with 40K, however i couldnt show enough importance to 40K armies. When Grey Knight army renewed, I decided to collect miniatures. And after a while (I accept I am a lazy person) I started to modelling and painting GK army.

My favorite model type at 40K is terminator armor ones. So I bought terminators for GK army. During modelling phase one of my friend (thanks to Murat Takavci) help for posing GK terminators, so I cant say how many I spent for modelling but i know i spent average 15-20 min for basing. (I used some parts of old cellular phone and cork pieces)

Overall painting time was approximately 50-60 hours (except Land Raider, which was painted by Murat Takavci also). Here some pictures of my GK Army.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

WIP - Plague Catapult (conversion)

During 7th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, Skaven army book renewed, and it include new units like Plageu Catapult, however there wasnt any catapult model for that unit (nowadays you can find at GW as lightning cannon or plague catapult) I decided to create one.

During process i used Trebuchet from Bretonian army, and rat ogre which was from
new Screaming Bell/Plague Furnance model (i did PF where you can find that model at previous posts) and pulling bell. I added some small rats over trebuchet also for look like more skavenish.
For strenghting the positioning of rat ogre i used natural stone pieces.

I painted stone pieces, instead of keeping them with original colors, I will continue with more painting and basing. In overall, i used basing more longer than the actual one, but i had to used lie this for positioning. Anyway, still need more working, i will share when it is done.